Artist Statement

My work is predominantly abstract yet can appear figurative, the paint application emulates jellyfish like forms in dark waters, or galaxies in space. Each canvas has its own alien like world, where the assemblage of paint is the inhabitant.
The compositions are developed with intuitive painting, a simple combination of colours can steer its direction. Poured pools of resin medium takes a life of its own; gravity and different drying times take effect, changing its shape and surface patterns. This process takes away compositional decision making, which can lead to disasters or wonderful mishaps. The subsequent layer or layers are finished with more traditional care and control; control and contrast are key to my work. Texture and smooth, light and darkness.  
The process of paint application is important, as well as the aim to create a contemporary abstract painting that strives for the theatre of a renaissance painting. Creating a spectacle within the surface of the canvas; a drama like a Caravaggio with dark absorbing backgrounds and scantily lit heroic characters. Abstract ethereal marks play out their own story.